Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, no wonder it attracts a great number of tourists visiting the capital of Russia all year around. During the recent decades Moscow has become a popular holiday destination in terms of cultural, gastronomic, business, event and medical tourism.

Moscow is rich in iconic architecture reflecting its epic history from medieval times till nowadays through powerful revolutions, hard WWII and Soviet periods. There are wonderful historical buildings centrally located along with famous Moscow museums, theatres, churches, green parks and ponds, and modern architectural solutions, such as the grandiose Moscow city complex consisting of several skyscraper towers with lots of business centers, living, entertainment and shopping areas. Foreign visitors admit Moscow is an awesome city with inspiring landmarks, wide boulevards and spacious streets where one can feel the genuine vastness and magnificence of Russia. Enormous Red Square with incredible St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Moscow Kremlin territory comprising churches and palaces, famous Seven Sisters buildings of the prominent Stalinist era, Sparrow Hills park with panoramic city views and the Moscow river cruises – that’s not even a half of the sightseeing programs offered to the Russian capital’s visitors.

Moscow is home to a great variety of events attracting lots of international visitors – fashion shows, business conferences and technical exhibitions, music concerts and art festivals, travel markets, etc. Along with other large Russian cities Moscow hosted 2018 FIFA World Cup which united numerous football fans from all over the world feeling the atmosphere of joy, passion, enthusiasm and great hospitality.

Moscow is surrounded by satellite towns and neighborhoods comprising Moscow Region rich in a great number of tourist destination sights such as the famous Arkhangelskoye historical estate, Ugresha monastery of St. Nicholas the Miracle, Kolomna kremlin and others, each of them is a real treasure of the charming Russian history and architecture.

Due to the latest large-scale international events held in Moscow, today the city can provide tourists with all necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay – tourist info points, English speaking staff and signs in the underground make it easier to find the right way while in Moscow.

During the recent decade the number of Moscow visitors has grown and consists not only of international tourists, but locals as well – it is a perspective business destination for the residents of other Russian areas from its European part till the Far East, and a great holiday destination for student groups and family tourism.