Sport in Moscow

There are almost 20 thousand sports and leisure facilities in the city. Among them are athletics fields, gyms, swimming pools, indoor skating rinks, exercise camps, velodromes, climbing walls and more.

Sports grounds and free exercise equipment

Moscow courtyards and squares are equipped with hundreds of sports grounds for playing football, basketball, volleyball, as well as for strength gymnastics on street simulators.

Running and Nordic walking

Nordic walking requires no special skills or equipment and is suitable for people of all ages. An ordinary walking and treadmill will do for classes.

Football fields

There are hundreds of stadiums and individual football fields in Moscow. You can choose a suitable stadium on the map: when you click on the site, you will find out the address, the operating mode of the stadium, whether there is a locker room, a first-aid post or a cafe next to the field.

Sports for people with disabilities

Every year more than 500 physical culture and sports events of various levels are held in the capital, in which people with disabilities, including children with special needs, participate.

For people with disabilities, existing sports facilities are being adapted, and new ones are being built taking into account their needs. The city buys special vehicles, equipment, simulators. In the district centers of physical culture and sports at the place of residence for people with disabilities of various ages, including children with disabilities, physical culture and sports sections in various sports are open. In sports schools in Moscow, subordinated to the Moscow Sports Committee, there are departments for adaptive sports, which train high-class athletes.

There are several projects aimed at developing physical state of the population.

The Sports Weekend project is an opportunity to go in for sports free of charge in their districts under the guidance of professional trainers.

Trainings in the parks. Every weekend in 15 Moscow parks we conduct group classes with professional coaches in 6 sports. Start at 10:00, 12:00 or 14:00. Registration on the website or at all Moscow offices of "My Documents".

Training on the YouTube channel. One Saturday or Sunday session with coaches, athletes and guest stars. Videos remain on the channel and are available at any time.

Morning exercises. We wake up on weekdays at 7 am and do online exercises on the YouTube channel. Duration - 15 minutes.

Kinds of sports

Yoga, Nordic walking, Workout, Functional training, Dance mix, Street stretch, running trainings, strength trainings

"Moscow Longevity" Project of the Mayor of Moscow for active Muscovites of the older generation.

Who can participate?

  • Women over 55 and men over 60 and Muscovites who retired early due to seniority
  • Permanently registered in Moscow
  • No medical restrictions *

Sports events

Dozens of international professional championships are held annually in Moscow. You can visit these sporting events as spectators.

There are large-scale sports events in which ordinary citizens and athletes of different skill levels can participate. The most popular event is the Moscow Sports Day at Luzhniki, which gathers more than a hundred thousand participants. On the same day, the Moscow championships in football, BMX and mountain bike, freestyle, street football tournament and so on are held here.

Bicycle parades are held in the capital at different times of the day and year. You can take part on any bike and with any skill level. From summer to autumn, the city hosts stages of the Moscow Marathon, and the main winter competition every year is the massive ski race "Ski Track of Russia". These activities are also available for people with limited mobility.