Safety in Moscow

Moscow is really a safe place. You can find a police post at every metro station, all public places are equipped with CCTV cameras.

Public healthcare is free in Russia, but to get free medical consultations, non-emergency services, medical tests and treatment at public hospitals, a special health insurance is required, and it is available only to Russian nationals. However, in case of emergency, any person, including foreigners, can get help by number 112 or 103 free of charge. English-speaking operators are available.

To reach the police dial 112 or 102 from your cellphone.

As for the English language, most people do not speak it. You can see some street and public transport signs translated into English, though not in all cases, so be prepared for some language challenges.

If you are planning to use some service, where the price is not indicated – always ask for the price first, or double-check it in the price list just to avoid awkward moments. There are cases when people say a double price to foreign visitors.

You can pay with a card in most places in Moscow.

If you want to change your currency into rubles, you can do it in a bank, or in an exchange point. To see if the exchange rate is reasonable, you can compare it with an official exchange rate given by the Central Bank of Russia online.

Here are some tips that might help you to avoid trouble:

  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol on the street.
  • Smoking in public places is prohibited in Moscow: in parks, at bus stops, near the subway exits
  • Always carry your passport with the visa stamp inside it
  • Make copies of all your documents
  • Use licensed taxi cabs – mobile application taxi service is highly developed in Moscow
  • No fines are paid in cash on the spot