Just several years ago medicine in Moscow in general was quite poor. Due to a low standard state funded healthcare if compared to international standards, Russians searched for more opportunities as regards to medical treatment in privately owned hospitals and health centers which seemed to be quite expensive. Today healthcare industry in Moscow including public and private medical institutions is considered to be one of the leading industries of the city. During recent decades the healthcare system which is efficiently supported and funded by the local authorities has been modernized and is constantly being improved according to the needs of Moscow residents.

Public medical institutions are represented by a great number of polyclinics and hospitals both for children and adults where due to modern equipment and qualified specialists Moscow residents can obtain a full range of medical services free of charge. Nowadays owing to the ongoing scientific research work the latest diagnosis, treatment and diseases prevention methods and modern medical equipment and technologies are successfully implemented to healthcare system of Moscow allowing Moscovites and the guests of Russia’s capital to be ensured in guaranteed medical control at the highest possible level.

Moscow has a great potential in terms of medical care system development for all kinds of patients. In this respect a great number of “pilot” projects in healthcare industry is introduced. The government has recently approved a telemedicine bill aiming at providing remote medical care which means all consultations and health monitoring can be conducted at a distance, doctors prescriptions and health certificates are issued electronically.

Moscow’s mayor approved the first “Moscow Longevity” pilot project in Russia aimed at expanding opportunities for older citizens offering them participation in cultural, educational, physical, health and other leisure activities. The project helps older Muscovites to improve their health, gain new knowledge and skills, and creative thinking development. This program offers engagement in sports activities, creative laboratories and language classes in each area of Moscow free of charge.

Today Moscow is the only Russian city where all public polyclinics are combined into a single system. The Unified Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow, also known as EMIAS, has been successfully providing efficient online assistance to Moscow residents since 2012. Using this particular website patients can make an appointment, get a referral for an examination, issue a sick-list, etc. avoiding the lines in the polyclinics. Digitalization of healthcare is definitely a breakthrough in medical technologies of Moscow given the fact its residents save the time in a daily routine using online services. 

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