Healthcare in Moscow

The Moscow City Healthcare Department is a sectoral executive body that carries out executive and administrative functions in relation to health authorities, institutions, organizations and enterprises, pharmacy enterprises subordinate to the Moscow Government, and management of the property of this system within the powers delegated to it by the Moscow Government. The department controls state medical institutions located in Moscow (in particular, 79 hospitals and 660 polyclinics), as well as medical educational institutions of secondary vocational education.

Public healthcare is free in Russia, but to get free medical consultations, non-emergency services, medical tests and treatment at public hospitals, a special health insurance is required, and it is available only to Russian nationals. However, in case of emergency, any person, including foreigners, can get help by number 112 or 103 free of charge. English-speaking operators are available.

The Moscow City Healthcare Department implements a number of programs for interaction with the population in aspects related not only directly to medical care, but also to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

“Moscow without pain”. A project initiated by the Department in 2016, aimed at helping patients suffering from pain syndromes, and including the wider provision of painkillers to medical institutions. Also, within the framework of the project, measures were taken to widely inform medical workers and patients about the possibilities of modern pain relief.

"Thank you, Doctor!". This project was launched by a public initiative that was launched in 2015 and allows patients to share stories about medical care. At the moment, every Moscow citizen can write their story of recovery on the website and say words of gratitude to medical organizations and their employees who helped him.

Lecture hall "I'm running to the doctor". Since 2017, the Department has been conducting a series of open lectures by renowned practitioners and scientists who talk about the achievements of modern medicine, the main approaches to the treatment of diseases and the principles of a healthy lifestyle. All meetings are broadcast online on the Department's Facebook page. The schedule of lectures and records of past meetings are posted on the Department's website.

“Come in, it's open!”: Open days in Moscow hospitals. Since 2019, Moscow hospitals have been holding open days for all citizens of the Russian Federation. Events within the framework of the campaign are free to attend and are aimed at attracting the attention of the population to the need for disease prevention and respect for their health. To visit medical organizations, you must have a passport of the Russian Federation and a compulsory medical insurance policy.

 "Moscow healthy lifestyle". Information and communication campaign on the dissemination of the idea of ​​promoting a healthy lifestyle among Muscovites. It has been held since 2013 and includes a number of preventive and educational activities carried out by the medical organizations. All campaign activities are free of charge. During the campaign, information and educational work is carried out among the population, express examinations are carried out for the early detection of chronic non-communicable diseases and risk factors for their development, consultations are organized by doctors of departments (offices) of medical prevention, Health Centers and other specialist doctors.

“Healthy Moscow”: a special project for medical check-up which is available at specially installed 45 premises in parks in Moscow. This is free of charge; no appointment is required. It includes all basic doctors and blood tests.

There is an online application EMIAS that allows to get an appointment with the doctor, and also receive all the test results online in your personal virtual medical card. This service is available for those who have medical insurance policy.