Education in Moscow

The educational system has greatly improved over the last years in Russia. The quality of schools and higher educational institutions has shown a qualitative leap in its development with Moscow being a leader in the sphere of education.

Moscow education has always been well regarded in Russia as people from other regions strive to get education here. A wide range of educational options can be offered both for secondary and higher education.

As of 2016, the Moscow educational system included 632 multiprofile schools. Some of them were among the world's top six. They held top place in reading and mathematical literacy among students.

Divided into three stages: primary, basic general and secondary, Moscow educational system focuses on emotional, physical and intellectual development of children and provides them with a number of opportunities to enhance their talents. In addition to classical subjects such as maths, sports, native language, Moscow schools can offer some field-specific courses, especially during the last years of studies. Such specialization allows students to get the most out of education and increase chances to enter a higher educational institution of the profile they want.

Moscow public schools are free for both Russian and foreign citizens. However, parents may want to choose to send their kids to private or international schools. It will not be a problem for those who live in Moscow as it can offer multiple schooling opportunities. Private schools will a bit less expensive than international. However, both types can provide a wide range of languages to study. English-language schools are the most popular ones in the capital.

Special-needs education is also being developed in Moscow as some part of the budget is allocated to improve the equipment of wheel-chair and other disabled categories of citizens. Equal opportunities for education is the goal the city government strives to achieve. At the same time, Moscow is working on the development of multicultural education with the acceptance of all nationalities and cultural differences.

Thus, the Metropolitan Education program launched in 2016-2018 by the municipal authorities was aimed at ensuring the availability of education for all individuals regardless of the residence area or the state of health. This system of financial support made a child become a project of financing at all levels of educations.

Despite such intensive development of the school system, homeschooling is also very popular in Moscow. Parents can enroll their children in a licensed school which will be a kind of a supervisor for a homeschooled child.

As part of the smart city program, much effort has been put in the re-equipment of schools. Electronic register and diary, e-access to school, laptops, interactive whiteboards are top-achievements of the technological progress in Moscow.

As for the higher education, Moscow is well-known for the best universities in the world. Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, School of Economics, the first medical university of Moscow are the most well-known in Russia and in the world.

For example, being the top university in Russia, Lomonosov Moscow State University was ranked among the world's best for 28 of the 48 fields covered in the QS World University Rankings by Subject.

Today, the Russian capital accommodates more than 250 higher educational institutions. The level of education is higher as compared to other regions of Russia. Thus, many foreign student who come to Russia choose Moscow as a place for their further education. Cutting-edge resources, world-class teaching, and modern facilities are among key factors to study in Moscow.

Moreover, during the last decade the capital has improved its indicators in the Best Student Cities ranking. Today it ranks in the top 50 cities worldwide for affordability, student view and employer activity. Not only is it an affordable place to live and study in, but also it has become a hub of opportunities to get professional education and advance career after graduation.