There is no denying the fact that today Moscow is one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas in terms of business structures. With over 12,5 million residents (according to the official statistics of 2018) it has become one of the biggest consumer markets within the territory of Russia and Eastern Europe which ranks Moscow as a top international commercial and business center in Russia represented by a great number of global companies both local and representative offices of international business in different areas including industrial, trading and banking sectors and diplomatic missions.

Annual observations of business education opportunities confirm the growing potential of new generations to get well prepared both for building careers in large business administration units and starting their own business involving their professional skills, latest technologies and good investment plans. Numerous events are held in Moscow to support educational opportunities in business fields, among them are startup weekends, local and large scale international business conferences and seminars aiming at providing the audience with intercommunication and leading strategies, brain storming, innovative business ideas accumulation, experience sharing, etc. Today there are various business clubs offering annual membership to companies looking for new clients and business partners. Club members can visit and participate in numerous events such as conferences, business breakfasts, golf matches and even fashion shows and test drive events aiming at gathering club members to combine business communication with informal meetings.

One of the top priorities of Moscow City Government in terms of business structures is to support business which will definitely provide a great impact for further successful development of Russia’s capital city. "The key task of the Moscow government is to assist business and its development, because it is the basis of the economy of Moscow", Sergey Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, said. As one can see, the mayor’s high involvement and contribution result in providing comfortable conditions to doing and growing prosperous business in the capital of Russia. Today Moscow is home to over a million legal entities which is estimated as more than 15% of all the companies registered in Russia. During the recent decades the number of Moscow enterprises increased by 20%.

Successful realization of large investment projects and innovative digital technologies in different areas leads to global expansion of Moscow business to foreign markets. As to local benefits, a wide range of Moscow’s financial opportunities makes it a socially and investment oriented city which gives a great possibility to make Moscow’s life more safe and comfortable for its residents and guests arriving for private, business and tourist purposes. 

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The list of international chambers of commerce and industry:

Russian – German Chamber of Commerce,

Italian – Russian Chamber of Commerce,

French – Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Finnish - Russian Chamber of Commerce,

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Russia & CIS,

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce,

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia,