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25 interesting facts about Moscow

Here are 25 peculiar facts about Moscow

  1. The population of Moscow is almost 13 mln people, which is about 8.6 % of all Russian citizens. This is the population of Norway and Switzerland combined.
  2. The metro in Moscow is one of the oldest, and it is worth visiting – each station has its own unique design, and there are exquisite decorations, such as marble floor, statues, chandeliers, etc.
  3. There are rumors about the so-called Metro-2: bunkers and tunnels connecting the Kremlin and other strategic facilities.
  4. In the Moscow metro, when trains move to the city center, announcements are made by male voices, and from the center, by female voices. This is for the blind, to make it easier to navigate.
  5.  Since its opening, Metro did not work only once – on October 16, 1941. The Germans came very close to the Moscow Metro planning to destroy it. However, by the end of that day the Metro got back on track
  6. From 1712 to 1918, Moscow was deprived of the status of the capital, since this role was played by St. Petersburg.
  7. Since 1938, the sculpture "Border guard with a dog" at the metro station "Ploschad Revolyutsii" is an object of worship for passengers – they say that rubbing the nose or the paw of the dog can bring you luck
  8. In 1812, during a fire set up when Napoleon's army approached, about 80% of all buildings burned down in Moscow.
  9. The Moscow Kremlin is considered one of the largest museums in the world. The oldest part of the city occupies 27 hectares and amazes with the beauty of towers, cathedrals and palaces.
  10. The first 10 electric lamps of Moscow were lit on the towers of the Kremlin and the Lefortovo Palace in 1856 during the coronation of Alexander II.
  11. Wild moose are found in some Moscow parks.
  12. The oldest trees in Moscow are ancient oaks in Kolomenskoye Park, they are more than 7 centuries old.
  13. The largest zoo in Russia is located in Moscow. More than 550 animal species from all over the world can be seen here.
  14. The tram is a very old means of Moscow public transport; the first power line opened here back in 1899.
  15. The Kremlin chimes are the oldest clocks in Russia, they are about 5 centuries old. Their weight reaches 25 tons. The chime dial diameter is 9 meters, the minute hand is more than 4 meters long, and the weight is about 50 kilograms.
  16. The famous stars on the Kremlin towers were installed only in 1937, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the revolution.
  17. The world's largest clock, barometer and thermometer can be seen on the building of Moscow State University.
  18. The film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1981.
  19. The mummified remains of V.I. Lenin: on the Red Square there is a Mausoleum where Vladimir Lenin, who died in 1924, rests. The body of the leader is embalmed every 18 months.
  20. Yuri Gagarin, the first person to travel to space, is buried at the Kremlin wall. According to the established tradition, cosmonauts from all over the world come to his grave to lay flowers before their own flight.
  21. The tallest television tower in Europe is located in Moscow. The height of the famous Ostankino tower is 540.1 m.
  22. The length of Profsoyuznaya Street - the longest in Moscow - is 14 kilometers.
  23. The famous monument to Pushkin on Tverskaya used to be on the opposite side of the street. And in its present place it has been standing for only fifty years.
  24. The most expensive street in Moscow is Tretyakovsky passage. The most expensive boutiques are located here.
  25. The first water supply system appeared in Moscow in 1804. And the sewerage system was built in 1898. The Moscow telegraph started working in 1872, and the first telephones began to ring from Muscovites in 1882. The elevator in Moscow was first built in 1901.